Aleix Clapés i Puig

  • Aleix Clapés i Puig

Aleix Clapés i Puig (Vilassar de Dalt, 1846 – Barcelona, 1920) studied at the School of Fine Arts taught by Claudi Lorenzale. Later, he extended his education in Paris with the Symbolist painter Eugène Carrière, and studied fresco painting in Rome.

He also specialised in portraits and religious painting, and creating tapestries. He also designed furniture (such as a set for Casa Ibarz in Barcelona).

With Gaudí he worked in La Pedrera and Güell Palace, where he did the huge mural of Hercules on the side facade, which is no longer there, some of the oil paintings inside and the decorative painting on some of the doors on the main floor.