The Badia Miarnau brothers

  • Lluís Badia Miarnau.
  • Güell Palace entrance gates made by Joan Oñós and the Badia i Miarnau brothers

The brothers Luis and José Badia i Miarnau had a forge at Carrer de Nàpols, no. 278, Barcelona. They made artistic wrought ironwork, some pieces commissioned by the architects Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol.

They worked with Joan Oñós on the entrance gate and coat of arms of Güell Palace.

In 1927 they put the following advertisement in the magazine Guia Consultiva de Construcción: ‘Luis Badia, general Mechanical Construction workshop. Nápoles, 278. Barcelona’. With the claim ‘we made the Güell Palace gate’.

The wrought ironwork at Güell Palace by the Badia Miarnau brothers, Joan Oñós and Salvador Gabarró, is plentiful and remarkable. All of them, smiths whom Gaudí trusted, executed Gaudí's designs admirably using traditional artisanal techniques. Gaudí was very familiar with iron and brass, as his father and grandfathers were boilermakers (in his father's workshop, Gaudí learned to beat copper sheets to shape iron).