Eudald Puntí

  • Eudald Puntí's carpentry workshop in Carrer de la Cendra, 8, in Barcelona.

Eudald Puntí (? – Barcelona, 1889). Master carpenter. His workshop was at Carrer de la Cendra, no. 8, in the El Pedró district of Barcelona, next door to the sculptor Llorenç Matamala i Pinyol (friend and collaborator of Gaudí on several projects).

In Puntí's workshop, Antoni Gaudí made his wooden desk with metal appliqué (which Gaudí kept in the Sagrada Família and which disappeared in the fire of 1936 during the Spanish Civil War). There also the metal street lamps were put together for the Plaça Reial (1878).

He made the furniture for the chapel-mausoleum at Sobrellano Palace, in Comillas (Santander), for Eusebi Güell's father-in-law, Antonio López, which were designed by Gaudí in 1878 under the orders of the architect Joan Martorell. Puntí also made the Chinese iron, glass and wooden pavilion designed by Gaudí in 1881, as part of the refurbishment López had done at Comillas for the visit of King Alphonse XII (the pavilion was assembled by Llorenç Matamala under the direction of architect C. Cascante).

At Güell Palace, Puntí did the coffering, the doors and some decoration in the dining room. It appears that some of the woodwork on Güell Palace was done by Julián Soley.

The woodwork on the coffering, dado rails, doors and other decorative elements is impeccable, even in secondary areas. All the hardwoods used in Güell Palace are of exceptional quality and of many types (eucalyptus, beech, oak, walnut, ebony and so on).