The main facade

  • The main facade.
  • The main facade.
  • Gaudí placed two iron gates at the entrance, one for carriages and horses to go in and the other for them to go out, thereby enforcing a one-way system.
  • Wrought iron decorations of the Güell Palace entrance.
  • Detail of the wrought ironwork of the entrance.
  • The phoenix, symbol of the Renaissance, placed on a helmet between the two doorways to Güell Palace.
  • One of the balconies on the main facade.
  • Detail of the decoration on one of the main facade balconies.

The main facade features two parabolic entrance arches closed by two huge wrought iron gates. Wrought iron was also used on the outer railings of the windows and the coat of arms of Catalonia, crowned by a helmet with a phoenix.

Built entirely of Garraf limestone, this facade is divided into three levels, interrupted on the right-hand side to blend with the house next door. On the first two levels the stone is saw cut and polished, not so on level three, where it was treated with a punch.

On level two, the main floor's bay window projects over the street.