Open Day first Sunday of every month

The Palau Güell holds an open day on the first Sunday of the month, 11th September (Catalan national holiday), 10th June (local holiday), 23th April (Saint George) and 24th September (La Mercè, the patron saint of Barcelona) and Palau holds an open day on the day of Eusebi Güell's birth December 15. Capacity is limited for reasons of conservation, preservation and security of the building. 

  • The rooftop of Palau Güell. Photography: Montserrat Baldomà/Diputació de Barcelona.

Botó de compra d'entrades

This April 2019, tickets can only be acquired online through , less the day 23th April, which will be done in person with two shifts at 10 am. and 3 pm. until all available tickets have been distributed: 

Capacity is limited due to conservation and preservation.

The tickets for the open day on the first Sunday on the month may be obtained the previous Monday from 10 am to exhaust tickets (it may be that the tickets are exhausted before the end date of the cast).

The special days of open days (Museum Night, June 10 (local festival in Barcelona), September 11 (National Day of Catalonia), September 24 (La Mercè) and December 15, Day of Palau Güell) the Tickets will be distributed on Monday of the same week or on Monday of the previous week, and will be previously announced on the web and on social networks.

A large number of users connecting simultaneously to the webpage to do this operation can cause problems in the computer management. This techinical problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Please, if you cannot acquire the tickets, try again later.

Thank you very much for your understanding.