The relationship between Güell and Gaudí

The relationship between Antoni Gaudí and Eusebi Güell was not only that of an architect and his client, it became one of mutual admiration and shared interests.

  • Drawing of the cabinet made by Gaudí for the Paris World's Fair 1878.
  • “El Capricho”, at Comillas.

In 1878, at the Paris World's Fair, a glass cabinet was displayed, made by Gaudí for the glover Esteve Comella, which won the silver medal. Eusebi Güell was most impressed and, back in Barcelona, he asked to be introduced to the man who made such a marvel,

A long relationship began then between Antoni Gaudí and Eusebi Güell. Güell understood the meaning of Gaudí's architecture and gave him the opportunity to begin his professional career, to develop his talent and artistic qualities.

A friendship developed between Güell and Gaudí that would make possible a series of architectural and artistic projects that were full of constructive innovation and creative symbolism: Güell Park, the crypt of the church at Güell Colony, etc.

Güell Palace too became a reality thanks to the trust and admiration Eusebi Güell felt for the talent of Antoni Gaudí.

At the end of their lives, Güell and Gaudí both lived in Park Güell: Eusebi Güell in the farmhouse at the entrance to the development, approximately from 1910, when he moved there from Palau Güell, until he died in 1918. Antoni Gaudí bought one of only two houses that were built in Park Güell and lived there until he moved into his workshop at the Sagrada Família.



Güell-Gaudí, a common project. Produced by Barcelona Provincial Council in 2002 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gaudí.