General rules

  • Videovigilància Video surveillance

    For security reasons, the monument is monitored by video surveillance cameras at all times, pursuant to Organic Law 4/1997, of 4 August.

  • Aforament 185 persones Capacity: 185 people

    For conservation and safety reasons, the number of visitors inside the Palau at any given time is restricted to 185. This may cause queues to form.

  • L'entrada Your ticket

    Keep your ticket until you have completed your visit, information service staff may ask you for it at any time.

  • Senyalització Signs

    Certain areas or rooms in the Palau are off limits to visitors, indicated by signs or cordoned-off accesses. Please follow the signs.

  • Telèfon mòbil Mobile phones

    Out of respect for other visitors and to provide a peaceful atmosphere for reflection and appreciation of the works of art, please do not use mobile phones and keep your voice down when speaking.

  • Fotografies Photographs

    Photography for personal use is permitted, provided that no tripods and no flash and no selfie stick are used. For photos and videos of Palau for reproduction and commercial purposes, see ‘Filming, photo reports and image reproduction’.

  • Begudes i aliments Food and drink

    No food or drink is allowed inside Palau Güell

  • Dret d'admissió Right of admission

    Palau Güell reserves the right to refuse admission.

  • Condicions meteorològiques Adverse weather conditions

    In adverse weather conditions, such as wind and rain, the roof and midday terrace may be closed for reasons of safety and conservation of the building.

  • Personal d'acollida i informació Welcome and information staff

    Our informers are there to help you make the most of your visit. Please follow their instructions at all times.

  • Conservació Conservation

    In order to ensure conservation of the monument, the touching or handling of any element of the building is forbidden. By doing our duty to ensure the preservation of our cultural heritage, we guarantee that future generations can continue to enjoy Gaudí's work.

  • Consigna Lockers

    Backpacks, bags and parcels larger than 40 x 40 cm must be left in the lockers provided.

  • Visites guiades   Guided tours

    Guided tours inside Palau Güell only to be carried out by official Catalonia tourist guides and by licensed  guides from Spain and from the European Union, under the terms of the decree 5/1998 of 7th January.