Germans Ventura

The Ventura brothers were marble masons. They worked mostly on sculptures for graves. They also worked cement.

In 1888 they appeared at the Barcelona Universal Exposition.

In 1899 they opened Ventura Hermanos with two workshops (one at Ronda de Sant Antoni, no. 70, the other at Carrer de Muntaner, no. 6, Barcelona).

They worked on the marble at Güell Palace, where they executed Gaudí's designs with extraordinary precision, working the stone in many ways: from simple covering of the framework to the minutest ornamental detail. 

The stone used in Güell Palace is almost all marble from the Garraf quarry (owned by Eusebi Güell) in different colours (light grey, straw, reddish and oriental alabaster, for the walls and structural elements, and veined dark grey, beige and white for the floors).